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  • Sports, Fitness & Wellness Is An Increasing Lifestyle In South East Asia.
  • Sports, fitness and wellness industry in SEA continues to show strong growth contributing positive outcome for the economy as more people becoming more aware of the benefit of leading an active lifestyle.
  • Sports Tourism Continues To Be The Fastest Growing and Promising Sector in Service Industry.
  • Sport tourism accounts for 10% share of tourism worldwide. Global sports tourism is forecasted to be more than USD 100 billion of value by 2019. And Asia Pasific (APAC) aims to take its share. You could possibly be part of it!.
  • Goverment, Sports Event, Offices, Property, Hotels, Medicals & Rehab Center, Sports & Fitness Education Centers, Mega Gym as well as Boutique Gyms are part of our Business Matching Program.
  • Martial Arts, Group Exercise (e.g. dance, Running, Cycling, Triathlon) are our targets for the coming years.
  • Business Opportunity In Sports, Fitness & Wellness

    Are tremendous and more people are becoming aware and more committed to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle. Inevitably this will creates demands for products and services to enhance their wellbeing.